New direction

Time for change

Starting a new direction, a new plan, a new idea, a new career change, a new…well…anything; is always an exciting journey in itself. Scary, sometimes frustrating, yet worthwhile and hopefully.. in the end, fulfilling.

To give a bigger picture, let me share as to how and why I started this venture.

My name is Stephanie Ward; I am a Filipino-Brit on the 30-side of the 20-something. With an immense love for exploring the planet and a passion for photography and writing, I decided not to look back and just go for it.

I have always had a strong adoration for travelling, having spent my childhood growing up in nine different countries- from The Middle East to Europe to Asia and back again to Europe (currently residing in Wales at the minute). 

And so from this, as with many, my wanderlust for adventures continues.

I worked as PA to senior management at a World-leading Cyber Security training company; along the way got to learn some very fascinating things about the growing threat in the industry, got to meet some incredibly intelligent people, and of course the best bit.. got to travel with the job.

However, sometimes certain elements in life need to come to an end for us to be able to keep moving forward,
As much as I used to enjoy it, it had gotten to the point where I felt I had reached my limit and could not gain any more from it.

Consequently, at the beginning of the year, I decided a fresh new start was what was needed to bring the fire back. I had quit my job and took (a somewhat of) a sabbatical to travel more, visit friends and family who live around the world, and to take the time to properly figure out what exactly was the next step to go forward.

For awhile I toyed with the idea of going back to school to complete my Midwifery/ Nursing degree; to then come to the realisation that, that was my original path eight years ago… not who I am now. I wanted to do something that meant something to me, that I could make it my own and watch it grow, something that would continue to give me the flexibility for my family, and would allow me to continue to what I enjoy in life. I wanted to start a business on my own.

Since the beginning of this new venture, I have taken up several courses, one with the London School of Journalism as well with Gotham Writers to refresh my skills, while at the same time focusing on the development of my photography. And here I am now, slowly building up my brand as a photographer, writer, and now blogger.

Hope this gives you a bit more of insight into why I have started this new journey.

As She Wanders will now follow my onward global travels; my ups, and downs as I continue this venture along with new ones.

I hope you will stay with me, follow my travels and enjoy the stories.

All the best,

Steph  xo